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Hello all,
As this month is coming to a close, I present you with September's Traditional Art DDs.

Features by deshrubber

Seele Brennt by kvnvk Rise Up by NicoleHansche Blind Perfectionist by LauraTringaliHolmes

Mature Content

Untitled by bronart
Guitar and the bird by Ana-Lesac :thumb325344992: A Ray of Sunflowershine by CatalinPrecup Galaxies by GriffinsJoy CRETOXYRHINA AMBUSHING JUVENILE STYXOSAURUS by SharkeyTrike Blue Lime by artbytiamarie A Time in Flux by JayRoth Go Fly a Kite by JD-Hillberry Gwenwyn Poison by Rhyn-Art

Mature Content

Minoan Madness by david-harris
mythologies by Dosvidania flight delayed by ScottMan2th Sailing on the sea by Mishice Westcoast landscape by Rpriet1 Serenity by SILENTJUSTICE Lost Souls by 1000eyes Fire and Ice by NeverLookBackk

Features by SRaffa

.. by ElegantRage Fox spirits by rokkihurtta The Blue Angel by PoupeedeChair Love Can Be A Touchy Subject/12 by PrajnaDev :thumb307069942:

Mature Content

My Angel by Murciano
Happy B'Day Kala by Hane-chan 4 Elements: Fire by selma-todorova Symbiosis by cziburaszka Beautiful Things by NicolasMartin Untitled by AlexSvartengel Persona (Face of Sir Ian McKellen) by JW-Jeong Starfall promo for page 13 by trungles Wake The Dead by luckynesu :thumb188550317: :thumb326398964: Let my song be filled with me 2 by Kkohaku Hope by BlueShining Moon daughter by dodostad :thumb281927029: Sweet Mlada by Nuaran Passing Through by lesley-oldaker :thumb327426806: :thumb325825007: Hass by Mondviole Tamara ^^ by dark-gates Love by natasamakri Fuga dal labirinto [ 1994 ] by compictor Ophelia by Fellow-World

Features by Astralseed

:thumb319213370: Snow White by bomgirl Stormrunner by silvermoonnw Centaur 1 by JordanAbernethy He and his dog by LucyBumpkinova Veiled Tales 06 ~ Alice in Wonderland by alxferreiro Reverie by likeLucy Hippocrates by KlarEm lost city- ball point pens on paper by paoloamico87 mindscape no.3 - the sea by SchweizerArts Kraken vs Whale by srnoble Growing in a Living Corpse. by DanielOlivera Little Phoebe by amyminchew Lap of Luxury by LuxDani .: The Hobbit, a Maze :. by Avogel57 Birdbrain Cannot Comprehend... by popeyethecat 3 by TsimmerS Sin of Passion by Yoni-Danziger :thumb309338811: .:: Rising Storm ::. by Windspirit-Aquaeris 'Quiet Romance' - Realism by robybaer :thumb299642471:

Mature Content

SUPERPARTY 11 by hyronomous
Reef by RerinKin Transfiguration by guillembe John Dot Lennon by kalnobe A Quiet Moment by mitzieBgood The White Hare by yaamas Gecko on Rocks by CatAclysmArt Whiplash on Monster Island by soul71

Features by STelari

fairy-lament by ilxwing

Mature Content

Veritas by RubyWolfe
:thumb320285505: Atmos lighting by barbelith2000ad Hollywood Dreams by cifuso Under the frozen sky by Valentina-Mustajarvi

Mature Content

PERSEPHONE by medusainfurs
Legheads by zumart Moon Princess by MukilteoCasualtie Winter's Birthday by RayGunNoey :thumb324080155: Lost and Forgotten by Si3art Epic march in the Forest by maxyvert wonderful mid by AokiAvsen The Twilight Town by chicourano one summer day by kawako198 The Journey by elizabeth-caffey

Mature Content

The Bath of Artemis by FrancescaBaerald
:thumb181167733: Jackie and the beanstalk by AnnPars Dwarves Go South by asiapasek rene magritte tribute by harlequindrinkscoke Krakow by takmaj

Mature Content

The Pursuit of Happiness by borda
BOO! by NDKARTWORK No Ordinary Love by camilladerrico :thumb326124872: 403 by tuyetdinhsinhvat Bride by TaKe-bamboo Zel by LaurasMuse

Features by SRudy

Girl with tulip by victoriafrancisco Still Life by EvanCampbell Fantasmagoria II by LuisSanchez Lara Croft statue by lussybussy Sarah by the window by johnsilverfinearts The Simplicity of Silence by arminmersmann Ascension by timothyjahn Lion by IgorGosling 'Territorial' by WJSIDMORE Noire by alexismarcou pruciana 22 by rieraescultura-art 'Beneath' by ForlornExistence David in Saul's Armor by evincent Bronze dragon Christopher  commission 5 by LordBurevestnik :thumb314396733: She by alifann Owl Bust by Thomasotom

Mature Content

Jupiter and Io by armusik
Before Watchmen: Rorschach 2 by BLACKPLAGUE1348 Full of Summer Flowers by Kasia1989 Pandora and the Tree of Knowledge by RaymondThornton Reclining by sculptor6 The Bath by cyndavalle Transcendence by Eirescei Syrena -- Enchanting by allenmautz megaptera novaeangliae by odontocete Fires of Heaven by DSillustration Bronze abstract head by xRedRoosterx Compassion Series: Invisible World by jialu Contortionist, 1 by LocascioDesigns

Lea5000 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
really incredible work!
Astralseed Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012  Professional General Artist
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