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June 18
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ProjectPorkchop Vol342

Wed Jun 18, 2014, 5:41 PM

ProjectPorkchop is all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet under appreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily. The artists chosen truly deserve more attention based on low counts of favorites, comments, and watchers, added to their incredible artistic talent.


xtianayuni's gallery is filled with wonder. Expressive and beautifuly stylized pieces fill his gallery to the brim.  The fantastical monsters and beasts are a treat to behold.  Be sure to give this incredible artists gallery a browse, it wont disappoint! 

Mermaid by xtianayuniDani and Rhaegal by xtianayuni

Yeti by xtianayuniAboleth by xtianayuni

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Peryn is a professional artisan crafter from Canada who is currently pursuing a BFA in costume studies. Her costume designs draw inspiration from medieval 12th-14th century Tudor, and Victorian with some 18th century influence as well. She even uses traditional medieval construction techniques for added authenticity! Be sure to visit Peryn's gallery and check out her beautiful designs!

Stephanie Brown - Batgirl - 1 by ArasiyrisRaspberry Wool Cotehardie by Arasiyris
Grey Kirtle - Alcove by ArasiyrisSteampunk Attempt #1 by Arasiyris

Suggested by Erzsabet 
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Kian is a traditional artist from the United States who, remarkably, is only 14 years old! His works are predominantly surreal and show his great imagination. Kian is a very well rounded artist and his gallery also includes some photography, digital and pixel art as well. He was even awarded a Daily Deviation for one of his emoticon pieces which is very well done! This is one artist that is a must-add to your watch list!

A Wall, Nassau. After Winslow Homer by sackofsquanmaster copy of the suicides, Gustave dore by sackofsquan
Zippy! by sackofsquanstill life 4 by sackofsquan

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Catherine is a traditional artist from Canada who works as a children's book illustrator. Her work is most inspired by mythology, folk tales and legends as well as poetry. She has a surreal style that is very serene and lovely and her color palette of soft blues and white make her work stand out as unique. Her work is sure to bring some inspiration to your day!

Elle etait belle comme une idee -1 by catherinelmtrottierElle etait belle comme une idee -4 by catherinelmtrottier
Elle etait belle comme une idee-2 by catherinelmtrottierElle etait belle comme une idee-3 by catherinelmtrottier

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Eryn is a varied artist from the United States who not only draws but writes as well. Her gallery contains very expressive prose full of raw emotion covering topics we can all relate to. You can tell that her words come from the heart and her works are quite enjoyable to read! She also has a few fan fiction pieces in her gallery so if you like Skyrim, you may want to take a look! 

Absolutely.I planned out my steps before you arrived.
I went over them again, and again.
I imagined every movement, every dip, and twirl, and sway...  A partnership older than humanity. A precious connection between two beings that I had only been able to dream of, before.
But I could only imagine. For a dance, my dear sir, is not practiced alone.
And as you looked into my eyes with an outstretched hand, I took it, as if to silently say, "Absolutely."
So whisk me away to a new life, turn my mind to a new perspective, let me live in a moment where song and life take control of my body. My mind. My soul.
Allow me to become a woman of sophistication. Completion. Royalty.
Allow me to follow as you lead, and move me to the music of the moment, and clasp your hands over mine, and hold me close, so I don't lose my balance. So I never miss a single step.  
Allow my mind to wander to new dimensions, and allow my worries to run free as you move and sway with me under the stars.
For this dance, my
Dear DiarySometimes.
I wish I was like you.
A snowy-white remnant of former life, free to have human thoughts written on your face.
Free to be exchanged, and shared, with many.
To tell the stories of others, and to be a universal messenger, one who allows others to feel better, and escape from the daily woes of life.
So delicate.
So... Fragile.
One who has seen... and contained love.
    And hate.
         And sadness.
              And such beauty...
locking all emotion deep within the fibers and pages of your being.
I wish to harbor others' stories, whilst having none of my own.
I wish...
I could be free to display a burst of emotion, without it being a thought from my own mind.
Just an empty-headed courier, free to allow others to read my pages, my stories...
Without me having to feel what's written.
Without having to utter a single word.
Significant LuxuriesThroughout the span of living, one may be succumbed to positive, as well as negative living atmospheres. From the time of infancy to adolescence, surrounding influences, as well as strong personal connection, are a key component in the development of the mind, as well as in mental health, overall. In this time, one tends to create special attachments to these connections with fellow humans, be it a co-worker, a neighbor, or a classmate within school. Within these friendships lies a sense of security, and of peace, making the concept just one of those small, but significant, sanctuaries within a sometimes not-so-peaceful environment.
I, like many young students who have shared the same experience, was of course nervous, and rather distant, on my first day at a new school. I had started out another year, my sixth year, to be precise… an odd mystery. Completely unknown by my would-be classmates. To some, I was weird. I had walked into the school a stranger, while my fellow students
White Chalk OutlineIn sweet silence behind twin oceans, a young girl closes her eyes. In remembrance of the past, her heat beats slowly, voice softly strumming, chest quickly moving in, and out... In perfect time with the soft, panicked beat of the waves kissing the shore with such a prolonged sense of loving violence.
Her heart burns... Incessant increase in temperature taking place in her core, reaching temperatures of the outside world. Body, beating heart, life force... Sunken in, low to the ground in protective stances over an empty chest of treasure; One once filled to the brim with jewels, and gold, and precious memories... Its contents now having been washed slowly away by the emaciated sea.
That sea...
So greedy, so spacious in its never-ending glory. And here it swallows... Taking every spot of metal, every drop of precious gem, reaping the very significance and pride contained in every precious little memory.
The little girl's hair, a silken ebony ocean, itself, shielding pale flesh, and choco

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