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August 17, 2012
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As part of Daily Deviations PE week we have interviewed the lovely Minato-Kushina who has been suggesting DDs since November 2010.  She has since then had over 500 suggestions accepted and as a result of her regular suggestions, made her name known on the DD page.

What first got you interested in wanting to suggest DDs?

I don't really remember the exact point when I started paying attention to DDs. I guess, I saw these beautiful pictures at the bottom of my page. Gradually, I understood that they were a kind of "award" for outstanding pieces. I was also wondering how some people could suggest DDs! By searching here and there, I found the way.

I eventually decided to send my first suggestion to rydi1689, the then Fan Art Gallery Moderator. She is so kind, she accepted it immediately! This encouraged me to suggest more and eventually to love this task. I am generally shy with others. So this gesture, although it may seemed normal to her, it was a pleasant surprise and it had a great impact on me. :) I remember that I was so hesitant and anxious during my first note, while now I can do this very easily. :D

once upon a time by Nivalis70 My first DD. A birthday present to my dear friend Nivalis70. I am still grateful for this. :heart:

On average, how many DDs do you suggest per week?


Depending the days and weeks. Some days I can suggest around 10 or 20 DDs. So, I guess, approximately 50 DDs per week. ^^"

Do you feel like suggesting on a regular basis helps you to know what CVs are looking for in DDs, resulting in fewer rejections of your suggestions?

Indeed, I can see gradually what each one of CVs prefer. Some of them also reply to my suggestions and say clearly what they wish to see. It's like Suggesters and CVs help each other: CVs state what they like and Suggesters send them exactly this, thus making their job easier. Like they say, "practice makes wonders"!

How often does a piece you suggested get a DD, but you are not listed as the suggester, and how do you feel is the best way to deal with this?

It can happen around once or twice per week. I guess, it is not such a big deal if my name is not listed, because this is about the artist who received the DD, not about the suggester. ;) Mistakes can also happen, especially if the CV receives dozens of notes every day! I think the best solution if someone wants indeed to be listed, is to send a polite note to the CV and request to be listed.

What motivates you to continue suggesting DDs?

Seeing a beautiful picture is enough to make me think "this should be featured and gain more attention!" When I see other beautiful DDs I also think "I would like if I was the suggester of this one!" :D I think that the process itself of suggesting and seeing your suggestions eventually featured, is enough to encourage you to continue this "circle". :)

Where do you find pieces to suggest from? Do you browse certain areas?


From groups, from the Front Page, from Favourites of other people and from just random search. Generally, I like Digital Art, Traditional Art and Photography - People & Portraits. :)

What do you feel is the most rewarding thing about suggesting DDs?

The happiness and attention that a DD gives to the artist. <3 My favorite part is when the artists discover that their inbox is packed with messages and they are searching for the reason. Their surprise and happiness is priceless. :giggle:

Do you have any advice for users who are new to suggesting DDs or those who want to start suggesting DDs?

* Don't be shy, the CVs are there to help you and they like receiving your notes, they thank you for this. They are equally happy when they find a great piece suggested and they have the chance to feature it. :)
* Don't be discouraged if a suggestion is rejected or if you are not listed as the suggester. This can actually help you to continue your valuable job: helping and encouraging the others to continue their art. ;)
* A small description helps to "persuade" the CV to accept your note. (Even if the description is not listed in the feature.) Say honestly your opinion, why you think this piece should gain this honor. <3
* It's better not to tell the artist that they will be featured. Apart from some misunderstandings that may happen, the surprise is also better in this way. ;)
* Have fun! Enjoy the process of giving a "crazy" day to the others. :giggle: Maybe one day someone will give you this happiness too! :heart:

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