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February 28
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Hello all,
As this month is coming to a close, I present you with February's Traditional Art DDs.

Features by deshrubber

Sweet Sally May Has a Special Secret Friend by bbyoung1971 B12 Triptych by Synthaesthetic The Pact: Million by DimiBudiaci Fukushima Beach Party by JoshByer The Wizard of Wychmaze by Shiantu A melody for a non-existent world by sanderus Setessan Oathsworn by Murphyillustration Spine by troynortonart Sarai, una tarde de verano by aixado Sweeping Curves Intersected By Rectangular Shapes by paulcorfield o.T 2013-23 by ecoustic Revolution by AirelavArt Botanical Hoopoe by chib prince pirolo by cuckoo-koo-koo Oh, Blooms! by Caughtlighght La fee verte  Smokin Absinth by bfaupin Source by dustfae After Rainfall. by mooreartist Vibrant Illusion by San-T Tam-lin by Lanevska day #63 by eternaltwist Where rules ruled... by ansdesign Effervesce by cogwurx

Features by Astralseed

SOLD - Zanka (quadriptych) by JWPippen AT - SoundEater by monochromera Trollskogen by wyrdlander Bad Moon Rising by RainerKalwitz Wisteria Dream by gallant11101110 That's why I love summer. Drawing in pencil by Rustamova Eternal bond ~ by Gewalgon At the Edge of the World by Chris-Lee-Thone cavalry by Bard-the-zombie Maddie Story - Spread 1, color by o0Amphigory0o 93 by farzadonline Untitled by 1Creep Sleeping Beauty by betsybauer You are the One by DianneHoffman Madonna of the killers by Italia-Ruotolo-Art Ethereal by LoveSoup Purity by m2mazzara Instytut Telegrafu i Radiotelegrafu by Mast1 Free Fall by Undurchsichtig In a fantasy world II by ChristinaMandy Forest Jewels by AutumnAlchemy bye bye to your heart by OniBaka waschbar by oakyoh Day of the Dead Cat by tigerpixieart The Ocean Wants Me Today by skaffa Merlin by DarrelMorris dErAnGeD by Fingideon Water sprite by Miriel-ru

Features by jane-beata

Tears of the Moon by alifann <da:thumb id="370280528"/> Diametric by kellymckernan Garden by virago89 - The Chinese fan - by Losenko Janelle by RandallFischer Erato by theperian Fishes and girl by AboutAbao Grim Tides by LMessecar Loplop by Maurice-Le-Coq Pixels Per Person by Adam-Nowak Sine Wiry by Kasiarzynka Rialto by takmaj Twisted by MillerTanya Star 2 by umsul Prince by Somaritan Ville deracinee, Uprooted Town by PhilippeLaFerriere Blue jay's hiding berries by TLT62 Viscum by MargaretSeidler Wool hat by zephyr0713 phantasm by turningshadow Redemption by NoodleRubber Playin With the Big Boys by Earleywine The Forest by Moon-Shaped Silent Yard - Sense of an Afternoon by raysheaf Madam/Madman by Amaria No code by danilomartinis

Features by ArtByCher

Snow White by Lea5000 SF Purgatory by abcartattack The Seven Trappist Breweries by thegryllus Troska ( Care ) by Marcysiabush fireworks painting raphael perez paintings artwork by shharc 17 by JaneyArt Restless Machine by TazPoltorak Contaminate (SOLD) by atahirART dead birds last serenade by Alizadeh-Art mixed media jellyfish by NegativeSanction Back to the deep lands II by Scheinlicht Pug painting by gimgams Grimm by EvansFx Love Bugs by troybrooks Colourful tiger by Michelle-Winer A Rose By Any Other Name by KChampeny Lament for a frozen flower by dloraas Event horizon by BogumilHoder Dum spiro spero by Isisnofret Daphne by Lasarasu Flower Study by DustinPanzino Goldfish by hollyarts1 39 Roses by m-v-c <da:thumb id="121082770"/> Bloody Merry by TabLynn Vietnamese fisherman by Gunchixs transformation by nogaspaki 'Fragmented Freedom III - Cadmium 3#' by LouiseMcNaught

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